Unlike the general stereotypes, not everything we do is limited to the products we offer.

They are the result of something bigger that began a few years ago.

It all started with people, or more precisely, with the people we love, cherish, hate or take for granted every day - our friends. It's safe to say we are a good friend. So as a good friend, we decided to help our friends with what we can and what we know - cosmetics.  Turned out that each of our friends has a hair problem - a helmet like 0% volume, or a need-to-shower-everyday-so-I-look-ok situation. 

One-by-one we started creating tailor-made products for them with two things in mind:

1st- maximum effect and top-level innovative ingredients.

2nd - No sort or long-term harm to the hair or scalp. Health is beauty.

After a few experiments, we seemed to have gotten the formula and helped a few friends. 

Then we helped a few more.  Then some more. 

That's how Brave New Hair was born from the desire to experiment and to help others. From our courage to provoke the world and create something good without a hidden purpose.

Just because we can and because someone we love needed it.


Brave New Hair is destroying the well-defined traditions in the beauty industry and aims at being closer to the people, their problems and their lives. Not just we are sulphate, salt, paraffin, silicone, free. Our goal is to inspire bravery for a new concept of beauty - beauty that makes us healthier and stronger. 


The most important thing of all - reach maximum effect without any harm to the hair and scalp. This has been the bread and butter of Brave New Hair and will stand by it even in the toughest times. 

The problem today is in the pursuit of immediate effects without thinking of how can this affect us tomorrow. One of the main benefits of Brave New Hair products is the ability to help you look better, in a responsible for your hair and scalp's long-term well-being. 



By trying to help our friends, it turned out that we have certain high-quality hair products that can successfully solve over 90% of the hair problems that today's girls have - without compromising safety or efficiency, and without side effects. That is how our collections were born. 


Deeply hydrating collection for extremely damaged hair by chemical and thermal treatments.

It consists of sulfate-free shampoo, conditioner with lightweight structure and actively nourishing mask. We unite the power of Brave Plex technology, activated pro-vitamin B5 and

hyaluronic acid.


For smoothing and discipline disobedient hair. It contains sulphate-free shampoo, conditioner with light structure and actively nourishing mask. To our help, we joined the forces of Keratin amino acids, high-molecular Keratin, Baobab and Tamanu oils.


Deep cleansing and detoxifying collection for oily and sensitive scalp prone to dandruff. We Joined the forces of activated carbon from bamboo, prebiotic extract and green tea extract.


Collection helping color retention and exceptional shine. It consists of sulphate-free shampoo, a hair conditioner with light structure and actively nourishing mask.

e joined the forces of Quinoa Extract, fruit acid from Grapes, Apples, Lemons, Wheat Germ Extract, Green Walnuts and UV filter.


Stimulation of hair growth and protection against hair loss. Dedicated to slow growing hair prone to hair loss.

It consists of sulfate-free shampoo and active root spray. 

To make an active system which just works, to our help we called Green Grapes Stem Cells, Rocket Salad Extract, extract from Green Walnuts and essential oils of Rosemary and Salvia.


For volume and thickening of the hair. It consists of a sulphate-free shampoo and a spray for volume, because that is more than enough to make the difference.

We joined the forces of Rice Proteins, Hydrolyzed Chestnut Extract and Vitamin Complex.

To boost the volume and thickness of your hair.


Today Brave New Hair leads the way for sustainable cosmetics. It emerges at the right time with the right mindset of promoting the relationship between health and beauty. The brand has what it takes to lead the way of tomorrow by striving for excellence through innovation and the excitement of overcoming obstacles in a new, creative and safe way. 

Brave New Hair Team is treating B to B relationships with the same creative approach. We a not searching for distributors but partners who can walk and grow with us into the future. Become a part of Brave New Hair family now by contacting our sales team!



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