"I'm tired of getting up two hours earlier to escape the cliché – bathing only on Sundays and on public holidays! This is the incredible ability of the scalp to produce more oil than a sunflower field. On top, my shoulders to be covered with the so popular – the first lanky snow/string." - Marielka, a banker.

For You, the early bird by necessity, we created BRAVE NEW HAIR – BALANCE.

Deep cleansing and detoxifying collection for oily and sensitive scalp prone to dandruff.

Deep cleansing and detoxifying collection for oily and sensitive scalp, hair, face and body. It consists of sulfate-free shampoo and active mask.


We Joined the forces of activated carbon from bamboo, prebiotic extract and green tea extract.



  • Regulates the skin's bacterial environment. 

  • Absorbs excessive sebum and cleans deeply.

  • It counteracts urban pollution and micro-pollutants in the air.

  • Detoxifies the scalp and skin.

  • Improves the appearance of the hair and gives shine.

  • Cleanses the pores of the skin.

  • Normalizes new sebum secretion.

  • It extends the period between individual hair washes.

  • Neutralizes dandruff without getting used to the product.

  • Soothes the scalp and detoxifies.

  • It has an antioxidant action.

  • Strengthens hair.



Plant extract with prebiotic action, silver medal for innovative ingredient.

Designed to regulate the scalp and skin bacteria environment. Normalizes sebaceous secretion and fights the causes of dandruff. It soothes the skin and reduces itching.



Natural, and not GMO. Obtained by incineration, making it 7 times more active than normal. Cleans in depth and detoxifies. It regulates micro-toxins and fights urban pollution.




Natural concentrated extract.

Extremely powerful antioxidant, known for its hair strengthening effect.



You go into the bathroom, soak your hair, face and body.

Before shampooing, apply the mask:

With a small amount of mask, make a nice scalp massage and spread along the length of your hair.

Then, with a little more of the product, massage your face and body roughly to create a light peeling effect.

Wait 3-5 minutes, like a little black troll in the bathroom. Then don’t try to chase and scare people around your house. Please, rinse the mask with the shampoo.


Apply a small amount of shampoo to the roots and massage the scalp. The product will not foam much, but it does not mean it does not wash. Rinse and apply a small amount of shampoo along the lengths. The second time will foam a lot. Wash off thoroughly.


Never apply non-rinsing products containing silicone or sealants on the scalp. This further smudges the scalp and leads to even more greasiness. Sulphate-free shampoos are great for you. They do not wash aggressively the scalp and do not stimulate an extra release of sebum. Don’t be afraid of the dermatologist, he is your best friend. His diagnosis will help you choose the most appropriate products for you.

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