"I love to dye my hair boldly and without fear. But after few washes in the shower, my hair goes in all sorts of colors. Well, not that I don’t like variety, but that color I spend a decent a good amount of money on could have lasted a little longer, right!"


- Nika, businesswoman, always ready to experiment.

For the adventurer like you, we created BRAVE.NEW.HAIR- COLOR

A collection that provides vivid colour and exceptional shine.

Contains sulfate-free shampoo, lightweight hair conditioner and actively nourishing mask.


In this collection, we joined the forces of Quinoa Extract; fruit acids from Grapes, Apples, Lemons, Wheat Germ; Green Walnut Extract and UV filter.




  • It keeps the saturation of the colour for a long time, preventing it from rinsing.

  • Increases the absorption of the pigment in the hair upon re-dying.

  • It keeps the colour even longer after posterior treatments.

  • Helps to shape the hairstyle.

  • Improves structure and gives hair density.

  • It strengthens the brilliance of the dyed hair for a more vibrant look.

  • Protects hair against harmful environmental influences.

  • Protects the molecule of the dye itself so it does not break and change colour.

  • Keeps the shade of your colour.

  • Locks the colour of the dyed hair by closing the outer hair structure.

  • Protects your hair for a long time from free radicals.

  • It has an anti-limescale effect that prevents the hair from mattifying by hard water.

  • It has an anti-static effect.


Hair gets wet with plenty of water. Apply a small amount of shampoo to the roots and massage the scalp. The product will not foam much, but it does not mean it does not wash. Rinse and apply a small amount of shampoo along the lengths. The second time will get a lot of foam. Wash off thoroughly.



If your hair is thin or you feel it dry only at the tips-choose the lightweight conditioner: Apply on wet hair along the lengths, spread with your fingers and wait for 3 minutes. Then wash, but not to creak.


If your hair is dense or you feel it dry over the entire length-select the active nourishing mask. Apply it to damp hair, spread out and allow it to act for 5 minutes. Then wash, but not to creak.


We recommend our Color collection if you have to use dyes that require an oxidant of up to 30 Vol. If the oxidant is 40 vol. - use the Reboot collection.

BRAVE.NEW.HAIR-COLOR CONDITIONER or MASK  after colouring your hair to make sure the pigment remains in place.

We recommend using at least two products from the collection.



Classic hair dyes work on the principle of aggressive chemical processes associated with oxygen release. Therefore, it is important to wash off the dye well to stop the oxidative reaction. 





A multi-functional ingredient coming from the Chenopodium quinoa plant. The Quinoa was cultivated in the Andean region from 3000 to 4000 years ago. It has the property of introducing up to 25% more dye in the hair, as well as retaining its rinsing. The Quinoa gives a mirror glow and facilitates the shaping of the hair.




Optimized colour protection filter. Prevents rupture of pigments due to strong light.



An active phyto-complex of fruit acids that prevent the accumulation of lime deposits on the hair with hard water. In this way, the dyed hair does not mat with time, and the colour becomes brighter.




A natural product resulting from the University patent of enzymatic plant liquefaction. The hydrolyzed walnut extract forms a natural

anti-radical film on the hair. This prevents the chemical degradation of the dye itself over time and preserves the color of the environmental factors.

Attention: the ingredient is found in the balsam and mask of the series.


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