"I am a beautiful blonde for more or less 10 years. I constantly straighten up my hair. For special occasions, I always apply some more glamorous thing too. Sadly after all that, my hair looks like whey that has survived since the Middle Ages. My tips have a very dry appearance. Perfect place to hang a sign- “do not touch, fragile! "


- Chris, a working girl during the day and a party girl at night.

For you, Beauty, we created BRAVE.NEW.HAIR – REBOOT: Sulphate-free, deeply hydrating collection for extremely damaged hair by chemical and thermal treatments. For total restoration and return of its natural health.

Sulfate-free shampoo, conditioner with lightweight structure and actively nourishing mask.


We unite the power of brave plex technology, activated pro-vitamin B5 (panthenol) and hyaluronic acid.



  • Multiply the molecular bonds in hair. They are the main "victims" of the treatment.

  • Increase hair strength to up to three times.

  • Reduced damage in subsequent chemical treatment.

  • They restore the internal structure of the hair as before treatment.

  • Reduces damage in dry and wet conditions.

  • Gives shine and silky softness.

  • Provides weightless texture to each fibre.

  • Anti-static effect.

  • Make hair styling easier.

  • Reduces breakage.

  • Holds twice as much water in the hair fibres.




Low molecular particle Plex particle. It penetrates deeply into the hair and gives a "restart" of the hair's internal ties by multiplying and filling them.

Gold Medal for Innovative Ingredient.



Pro-vitamin B5 with an activated part that allows extreme accumulation and three times higher activity. Nourishes and strengthens the hair. Softens and creates shine.

Supports shaping and protects against tearing.



Hyaluronic acid retains water more than its own weight.

So the hair is hydrated, dense.

Not artificially heavy.



Hair gets wet with plenty of water. Apply a small amount of shampoo to the roots and massage the scalp. It will not foam much, but it does not mean it doesn't work. Rinse and apply a small amount of shampoo along with the lengths too. The second time will get a lot of foam. Wash off abundantly.



If only your tips are very dry and depleted, choose the lightweight conditioner. Apply on wet hair lengthwise, spread with your fingers and wait for 3 minutes. Then wash, but not to creak.



If the entire lengths are damaged and very dry, select the nourishing mask. It will restore even the most extreme damage. Apply it to damp hair, spread out and allow to act for 5 minutes, then wash.


IMPACT REPLENISHING THERAPY: Recommended for all: use the conditioner as everyday care. Once a week after shampoo, apply the mask, cover the head with a bath hat and warm with a hair dryer until gently warm. Let it act for 5-7 minutes and then wash.



Always use at least two products from the series



The damaged hair is porous, especially the blond. This means that their structure is not dense, but there are small pores. Therefore, for such hairs, it is NOT recommended to place natural oils. Oils enter these pores and are difficult to wash, making the hair heavy.

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